At CorreosLabs, entrepreneurial projects have been our cornerstone since the very start. That is why, since 2017, we have been working side-by-side with start-ups who want to grow with us.
Our objective is to support you in whatever you need, to create long-lasting and effective relationships. We want to establish real synergies to create value for our society and to enhance the transformation of our company.


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Correos is a company with over 300 years of experience. Over the course of our long history, we have understood the importance of adapting to change. This is why our innovation team searches for different collaborative strategies within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look for opportunities that offer continuous growth, to improve our service to society and to adapt to the needs that arise over time.

We establish synergies between the different resources available to us, so we can benefit from:

  • Open Innovation Challenges for start-ups.
  • Collaborations with other partners.
  • Meetings at our CorreosLabs hub.

This means we are always able to work around innovation and entrepreneurship, fully adapted to the features of each project.

Our object is to support you and to create long-lasting and effective relationships.


The essence of CorreosLabs is based on and maintained by the professionals who make it all possible. The Correos Innovation Team is here to support you on your entrepreneurial pathway. We are going to be your facilitators. We foster collaborative environments and promote the synergies needed between the different business areas of the company and your project.

And we won’t be the only ones! Our community has grown substantially over the last few years. CorreosLabs and our whole team will be your gateway to connect with mentors, experts in various fields, leading companies, and other start-ups.

Make the most of the networking opportunities on offer by visiting our community.


The CorreosLabs community continues to grow.

Together with other institutions and companies, we form teams with professionals from other sectors to accompany all of our entrepreneurs and start-ups. With open meetings and combinations of different workplace profiles, we strengthen development and create new services and products together. This is our concept of open innovation:

A collaborative and flexible space where we can all develop new ideas to help shape our society.

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