We innovatively resolve two of Correos needs, because Mooevo is a DOUBLE SOLUTION, with a patented guarantee.

  • MOOEVO CARGO: Delivers last mile and door-to-door letters and light parcels to your door.
  • MOOEVO PRO: Industrial and logistics sectors solution.

Postal mail and parcels

  • MOOEVO Cargo: The possibility to literally undertake door-to-door routes.

Offices and logistics centres

  • MOOEVO Pro: Correos will optimise its logistics usually carried out by workers on foot, such as picking, ordering and transport…

Business model

Mooevo has the vocation to become a reference in electric mobility. The initial idea of the business arises from a social approach to help people who transport wheelchairs with reduced mobility.

The solution provided to wheelchairs due to their mobility and versatility leads us to detect an unresolved market niche in electric transport of medium loads.

There are many needs for transporting weights of 100 kg plus the person carrying them in logistics centres, supermarkets as well as last mile solutions.

With a digital vocation, we are convinced that our commitment to e-commerce will give us scalability. Moreover, like any connected device that moves, we understand that the value of data will allow us to move forward quickly.


MOOEVO has two distinct markets depending on the solution.

  • COMPANIES: Hospitals and homes for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, delivery platforms that operate nationwide in the catering sector (Just Eat, Deliveroo, Resto-In, Glovo, UberEATS…), logistics, courier, package, handling and distribution companies; companies or facilities that can offer mobility and baggage transport solutions to their customers, port areas, shopping centres, airports, stations, exhibition centres.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Families who have the need to assist people with reduced mobility and who want to expand the limits of their movements. Mooevo changes lives by creating a unique experience for the whole family.

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