We have established a new model to efficiently create ecosystems.
Based on the advantages of mass producing, it marks a before and after in the reforestation and extensive planting sector:

  • Big Data
  • iSeeds
  • Drones
  • Digital Platform


  • Climate Change is probably the largest issue we are facing as a society. The exponential increase in greenhouse gases, forest fires, and mass deforestation in general are the main causes of climate change.


  • The solution is to hyper-efficiently create new largescale ecosystems which in part reabsorb vast amounts of CO2, through natural processes, and in part afforest more land each year than what is destroyed either through human activity or fires.


We are pioneers in the achievement of largescale results through the reforestation of large areas after forest fires. We have reforested after huge fires in Spain, Mexico, and Colombia.


  • Private funds or large companies for reforestation/planting activities. (Marketing, CSR).
  • Public funds to rescue highly valuable ecological areas affected by fires.
  • 20% of the reforestation is done by traditional planting methods and 80% with our technology and methods.

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