We capture it, we read it, we digitalize it.
AllRead Machine Learning Technologies provide a Deep Learning based software that means any kind of text, code or symbols in supply chains can be read and digitalized.


The problem

Companies with operative or industrial processes are under immense pressure to digitalize their operations and improve their efficiency.

  • Accuracy limitations.
  • Repetitive manual processes.
  • High hardware costs.

Our solution

Easy to use and easy to install software to detect, read, and digitalize valuable information.

  • Highly accurate data reading.
  • Multiple and simultaneous reading.
  • Lightweight implementation.
  • Hardware diagnostics.

AllRead technology

The software is based on a profound neuronal learning network, it detects valuable information captured by any camera, it trains itself quickly and adapts to new reading scenarios. It is resistant to dust, fuzziness, movements, and marks.


  • Maximum accuracy in the locating and reading of text.
  • It improves and speeds up your data management.
  • Frictionless and cost-effective.

Available for the reading of meters, barcodes, license plates, and series numbers, all with 100% reliability.

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