Building alliances with start-ups to improve Correos and society as a whole.

At Correos we rely on start-ups to carry out continuous improvement projects within our business and to also co-create new products and services. A medium to long-term relationship that can begin through the development of concept trials but can go far beyond that.

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Through programmes such as the Lehnica Challenge, we have helped the business development of various start-ups, with whom we continue to collaborate today. We now want to open up our innovative and entrepreneurial community, the CorreosLabs Community, to all of those initiatives looking to associate with Correos to achieve their goals.

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If you want to meet other start-ups who collaborate with Correos, then visit and join our CorresLabs Community.

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At CorreosLabs we create alliances with start-ups to improve Correos and society as a whole.

If you want to find out more or introduce yourself you can tell us more about you and your start-up below. The Correos start-up business team will happily analyse your proposal and review the possibility of collaborating with you.

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