Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy and fulfilling data protection legislation are issues of vital importance for all companies belonging to Grupo Correos.

We wish to ensure you know at all times why or for what reason we want to use your data and what your rights are. We have drafted the following Data Protection terms and conditions (“Website Privacy Policy”) with this aim in mind. Said policy governs the data processing performed when any user browses through our website and any of its subdomains or through other Correos websites in whose footer this Privacy Policy is displayed.

This Website Privacy Policy may be subject to changes in order to adapt it to legal changes or legislative or case-law innovations that may arise in the future, along with industry practices. In any event, the processing of the user’s data will be governed by the Data Protection Policy which is in force at the time the browsing takes place.

1. Who will process your data?

The data controller is “Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., S.M.E” (hereinafter “Correos”) with TIN A-83052407 and registered office at Vía Dublín 7 (Campo de las Naciones), 28070 Madrid, Spain.

To ensure the proper management of said processing, Correos has designated a Data Protection Officer (DPD or DPO) who you can write to at the following e-mail address: 

2. Why and for what will your data be processed?

The user’s personal data will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Allow browsing through our website.
  2. Should you accept our Cookie Policy: Analyze your browsing habits to optimize the website’s structure and design (for instance, to determine which website spaces are visited most, the average length of visits, etc.) and place behavioral or personalized advertising.

Lastly, our website contains several forms which allow you to request information about our products and/or services, contract them or get in touch with us for other reasons. If you use these forms, the data included in them will be processed to deal with your request. Should you object to this Website Privacy Policy, you will in any event be informed about the processing which will be performed on your data before using the different forms and your consent will be sought in each case where it turns out to be necessary.

3. What data will be processed?

We will process your personal data obtained from your browsing through our website, including:

  1. Any data directly provided by the user:
    Browsing through our website does not require your prior registration. Nevertheless, when you visit our website, our services store by default information like the IP address from which access is gained, the visit’s time and date, etc.

    Moreover, certain functionalities of our website require you to provide additional information through the relevant form (for instance, your name and surname, postal or e-mail contact address, telephone number, etc.).

    Except where expressly stated otherwise, all the fields included in the form will be mandatory. Any lack of information will therefore prevent your request from being dealt with.
  2. Any data indirectly provided by the user:
    Different kinds of cookies may be installed in your device according to the terms set forth in our Cookie Policy when you browse through our website.

4. Will your data be communicated to third parties?

In general terms, it is not foreseen that your data will be communicated to third parties other than Correos. However, the following exceptions may arise:

  1. We may be obliged to communicate your data to third parties like the public administrations (for instance, law enforcement agencies) or the courts to fulfil the Law.
  2. In order to provide you with the best browsing service through our website and process your request, we may have to communicate your data to other companies belonging to Grupo Correos which are dedicated to the courier, added value postal service, logistics, marketing and telecommunications sectors. For instance, if you request information about multichannel direct marketing solutions, your data will be communicated to NEXEA Gestión Documental S.A., S.M.E. to deal with your request.

5.  How long will your data be processed?

Personal data will solely be held during the time needed to allow you to browse through the website, analyze your browsing habits (if you accept the Cookie Policy) or deal with your service requests made through the website. The moment the data ceases to be necessary, it will be deleted according to the provisions set forth in data protection legislation. This means that the data will be blocked and remain available only to judges, the courts, the state prosecution service or the competent public administrations during the statute of limitations of the actions which may arise and, once the blockage period has elapsed, it will be completely deleted. As an example, a three-year statute of limitations period will be applied to the most common cases according to data protection legislation.

However, if there is any outstanding litigation at the end of the contractual relationship, the data may be held during the time the case is being dealt with by the courts solely for the purpose of providing evidence for so long as a definitive judgment has not been issued. Once such judgment has been passed, the data will be blocked and subsequently deleted.

6.  What are your rights?

To the extent by which they are recognized by the data protection legislation which applies from time to time, the user may exercise the following rights concerning the processing of his/her data: :

a)Right of access: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to know what kind of data we are processing and the characteristics of the processing we are carrying out.
b) Right to rectification: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to request the modification of your data if it is inexact or untruthful.
c) Right to data portability: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to obtain a copy of the data being processed in an interoperable format.
d) Right to restrict data processing: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to restrict the processing of your data in the cases set forth by the Law.
e) Right to object: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to object to the processing of your data and request the sending of marketing communications to be stopped.
f) Right to erasure: if you exercise this right, you are entitled to request the erasure of your data when its processing is no longer necessary.
g) Right to withdraw the consent granted.

You may exercise your rights through any of the following channels, indicating the right you wish to exercise and attaching a copy of your National Identity Card or equivalent document, along with any other documents you may deem appropriate:

a)  Postal address: Vía Dublín 7 (Campo de las Naciones), 28070 Madrid, Spain
b) E-mail:

You can find a series of forms that will help you exercise your rights on the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos – AEPD) website. We likewise inform you that you are entitled to file a claim before the control authority (the AEPD in Spain) should you consider that your rights have been infringed.