Workshop: Evolution of Current Macro-Trends. Corporations and Startups

2 Noviembre
José Mínguez

An event entitled “Evolution of Current Macro-Trends. Corporations and Startups” given by José Mínguez, Head of Innovation Market Iberia at Endesa Energía, will be held on November 2 at the CorreosLabs auditorium.

Our guest will look into the market’s most relevant technology macro-trends and discuss their impact on a variety of sectors in his talk, placing special attention on their influence in the energy sector.

The presentation will start off from the innate human desire to create and improve several aspects well worth highlighting to reach the technology boom we are currently undergoing to subsequently have a deeper look at them in a historical overview. More specifically, he will discuss how this context affects companies and startups and the main macro-trends having the greatest disruptive potential today.

This talk will undoubtedly serve to give us a clearer, up-to-date idea of the importance technology is having for companies.