Webinar: The Impact of Wellbeing Data on Organisations

8 Junio
Beatriz Crespo (Freedom&Flow Company) y Álvaro Merino (Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid)

Dear friends of CorreosLabs, this afternoon, it is our pleasure to invite you to Beatriz Crespo’s and Álvaro Merino’s webinar on Wellbeing Data.  

What is Wellbeing Data?

Nowadays, there are more and more companies choosing to implement policies driven towards the wellbeing of their employees. The focus of these strategies is to ensure the optimum health of employees enabling them to work better and increase general productivity. However, these strategies also help to improve the employer branding of the company, showcasing the image of an organisation that is really concerned about the life quality of its team.   
To explain the impact that this can have on organisations, we are joined by Álvaro Merino from the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid and Beatriz Crespo, Founder of Freedom and Flow Company.

Álvaro and Beatriz will hold an enthralling 45-minute conversation all about Wellbeing Data, how they are helping large companies such as Repsol and Banco Santander to personalise their corporate Health and Wellbeing strategies, and how the use of tools such as The Wellbeing Score® are helping us to personalise the individual and collective recovery process following COVID19.

We will see you this afternoon at 18:30 on CorreosLabs. YouTube Live

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