U.lab Madrid North Hub 2019 «Leading From the Emerging Future»

12 Septiembre
18:00h - 20:00h
José Manuel Fernández Alfonso, Patricia Pastoriza Koscak, Pilar Shakti y Susana Pérez Herrero.

How to apply the MIT developed Theory U into transformational and innovative projects within the organisational field.

We are divided between two worlds; a world of new leadership challenges on the one hand and a world of old economic and management tools on the other. In this regard, the possibility of personal, organisational and deep social development has never been more real.

How do we lead with the changes required to address current leadership challenges? What can we do to change the patterns that are keeping us trapped within the same old work methods? How can we create a culture of innovation in organisations? 

To find these answers we are inviting you to take part in the U.lab Madrid Norte Hub 2019, an open, self-managed group all about learning how the Theory U can be applied to transformational and innovative projects within organisations.

What is the Theory U?
The Theory U is an innovative methodology developed by Otto Scharmer from MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It guides us through a process of guidelines and tools to help leaders and change agents be more effective in personal, organisational and social transformation projects.

What is U.lab?
U.lab is a Theory U based initiative the combines the efforts of a global community to work towards an objective of catalysing and scaling the updating of all social sectors.
The first U.lab was started in 2015, and since then more than 130,000 people from 183 different countries have signed up.

2019 Season
The next season begins on 12 September, 2019, with the fifth edition of the free MOOC course being launched «U.lab Leading From the Emerging Future» lead by MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Presencing Institute from Boston.


CorreosLabs is joining the initiative along with U.lab Madrid Norte Hub 2019, offering spaces for collective learning to take part in the training.

During the online course students will learn about the basics of the Theory U. At the Hub seminars the main real-life concepts shall be explained to the participants and the methods and tools presented shall be put into practice.
Among the Host Team are: José Manuel Fernández Alfonso, Patricia Pastoriza Koscak, Pilar Shakti and Susana Pérez Herrero.

When and where?
MOOC: 8 online modules, from 12 September to 12 December
HUB: 8 in-person seminars on the following dates:
12/09 = Information Session
19/12 between 18:00-20:00 = Closing Session
Duration of Seminars:  2 hours each (from 18:00 to 20:00)
Place: CorreosLabs – Calle de la Sierra de Atapuerca, 13 – Las Tablas

Who can take part?
The U.lab Madrid Norte Hub 2019 is a free and open group activity for all those interested in starting out on or taking the next step in a personal or organisational transformation Project.

The «U.lab Leading From the Emerging Future» online course registration should be done individually and is free (there is a small administration charge if you would like a certificate)

To take part in U.lab Madrid Norte Hub 2019 you can contact Patricia Pastoriza Koscak at patriciakpastoriza@gmail.com

Any questions?
Ask us at: patriciakpastoriza@gmail.com

In order to transform, innovate and evolve the way we work in organisations we need another way of thinking, participating and acting. We need to change the inner place we were working from and expand our minds out into the ecosystem.