Time wasters and performance optimisation

14 Febrero
16:00h - 19:45h
Susana Trives

The start of all businesses is born with the idea of their creator.

The creation and development of a start-up is not simple. Hours of dedication, investigation, development and contacts are required…To maintain the focus and rhythm Soft Skills come into play, based on Self-leadership.

But Raw Skills + A Good Idea are not a synonym for Success.

Developing Lateral, Analytical and Strategic Thinking are all ingredients that must be present in the formula to Success of every Start-up.

I’m Susana Trives.

Marketer and Mindset Strategist.

I help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful businesses.

He creado el SMS METHOD (Self-leadership, Mindset and Strategy), which I use to help entrepreneurs develop the skills needed to build a Successful Business that lasts.

I mainly work on:

  • Soft Skills,
  • Lateral Thingking
  • Mindset Strategist


I have organized 8 Meetups to help entrepreneurs and Start-ups learn and develop these tools:


14th February: Time wasters and performance optimisation for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. 

Do you have the feeling that you spend your days putting out fires at your business or company?

Perhaps being a Firefighter wasn’t in your Business Plan, but maybe you’re finding yourself doing it on a day-to-day basis?

Did you know that working like that can reduce your productivity by up to 40%, along with your results?

Time wasting and multitasking are some of the areas that many business owners need to improve on.

At this Meetup I’m going to be showing you how to establish work methods that help you optimise your time and consequently improve your results.

Because your time is your best asset; you’ll never be able to produce more of it, but you can invest it better.


29th March: Self-leadership for Consequential Results

17th April: Tools to Identify and Overcome Internal Obstacles faced by Entrepreneurs.

21st May: The Entrepreneur Wheel. Identifying Opportunities and Areas for Improvement.

19th June: Is your team balanced? 9 Skills needed for your team, even if you’re working alone.

10th July: Speaking to the customers’ hearts. From the functions to the emotion of your product or service.

10th September: Learn how to communicate like a Big Brand (colours, tones, tempo, manners and locations)

1st October: The entrepreneur growth trap, how do you change from being a technical worker to business owner?

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