Smartworking or how to maintain productivity, idiosyncrasy, and conciliation

10 Septiembre
Sonia Etxebarría (Gowi)

Recent events have meant we have had to change the way we work. Working from home has become an almost overnight reality and we have realised that it is not just about doing online what we used to do in person..

According to the INE, working from home can increase productivity by between 5% to 25%, but this all depends on various factors.

What are the new benefits and challenges of remote working?


Working from home offers endless benefits to companies. It has been shown that productivity increases. However, efficiency is one of the most interesting factors, in terms of how close we get to our objectives. It is also more economically sustainable, as the costs related to presential work are reduced.

Likewise, employees become more independent which is reflected in the quality of their work and their contribution to the team. Working from home also offers aspects many workers have asked for over the last few years such as flexibility and time saving, providing more conciliation between personal and professional lives.


Having a framework in place means that we can see each of the elements that form part of this new reality and it is essential when facing the various challenges posed by working from home:

  • Decide how to keep up productivity and long-term efficiency.
  • Establish new leadership styles.
  • Reward goals met.
  • Redesign the organisation and teams if needed.
  • Review work processes.
  • Keep the culture and vision alive.
  • Implement new talent capturing strategies.
  • Have the necessary technology available.

Every organisation will have to adapt the new reality to its values, but they must be consistent when doing so.

You’ll have all this and much more in the next YouTube event hosted by Sonia Etxebarría, an expert in customer experience and customer centricity at Gowi.

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