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16 Abril
CorreosLabs. Youtube Live
BELIQUID eMEETUPS: Inception. From idea to product
Clarilú Biasiolo

At CorreosLabs we’re inviting you to a session with one of our collaborators from the Agile department of Accenture Interactive, hosted by Clarilú Biasiolo, who will be explaining the tools proposed by Roman Pichler in his book STRATEGIZE to create an Inception

6 Marzo
11:00h - 12:30h
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
LinkedIn: The Marketing Tool that you need to know about
Cristina Rojas

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or a start-up and you want to get more out of your marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

26 Febrero
18:00h - 19:30h
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
Conversations Emplatting Food Lab: The humanization of the gastronomic sector
Jorge Palao / Carmen Moreno, Alejandro Valero and Jesús India

A lot is changing in the world of cuisine, but we need to pay special attention to the human side of the industry and people management.

14 Febrero
16:00h - 19:45h
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
Time wasters and performance optimisation
Susana Trives

The start of all businesses is born with the idea of their creator.

27 Enero
18:00h - 19:30h
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
Conversations Emplatting Food Lab: The rise of delivery in gastronomy
Angelina Sánchez, Thierry Rousset y Jesús India

Discover the reasons behind the surge in takeaway food delivery in the food industry, as well as all the opportunities that this can offer us in the future.

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