meetMITOS. A trip to emerging organizations. Let’s start…

26 Junio
18:00h - 20:00h
Pedro Martín de H.

What will our organizations be like in 2025? This is one of the big questions that will be answered next June 26 at the event to be held at CorreosLabs for the presentation of the meetMITOS project, a daring journey of learning, exploration and discovery around emerging organizational systems.

In a world in a constant process of evolution, disruption and rapid change, organizations need to be radically different from those that are familiar to us, in which we have professionally grown. We are forced to learn how to navigate in an environment of complexity and uncertainty, but… how do we do it? Obviously, there are no magic solutions. Even more so when each organization, in its evolutionary state, represents a particular reality.

Is it just a matter of technology as the ubiquitous “digital transformation” seems to tell us? Or is it about the tools or methodologies that flood the market as a “panacea”? Maybe it has more to do with speed or evolution?

For the last three years, our group of professionals has been working to provide an answer to these and many other questions about the “future-present” organization from a systemic, holistic and integrative perspective that we consider essential in the complexity of the current context.

Now, we want to broaden the perspective and objectives with an ambitious collaborative project, meetMITOS, a journey to new organizational experiences, which we invite you to learn more about.

In this event we will present the project, explain its scope, how to participate in the trip and what purpose are guiding us.

If you are interested in the organizational world of 2025, you cannot miss the event.