From Logistics to Manufacturing as a Service

3 Junio
17:00h - 18:00h
Paul Gromball (TMG Group)

The future of Logistics and Supply Chains

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed demand for products and services in every sector while exposing points of weakness and fragility in global supply chains and service networks. At the same time, it has been striking how well and how fast many companies have adapted, achieving new levels of visibility, agility, productivity, and end-customer connectivity. Leading retailers have boosted their e-commerce capabilities, delivering food to thousands of customers confined in their homes…
The virus has shown that, when they align around a common purpose, operations teams can achieve goals that would have been considered impossible before the crisis. As they plan their transition to the next normal, companies are looking for ways to maintain this sense of purpose and speed.Successful companies will redesign their operations and their supply chains to protect their business against a wider and more acute range of potential shocks and disruptive events.
That calls for action on the supply chain front:

Companies will revisit their global asset footprint.In consumer services, for example, we expect the crisis to significantly increase the adoption of online and omnichannel delivery models.Thetrend for product value chains to become more regionalized is also likely to accelerate, as companies reassess the risks of globally integrated asset networks and supply chains.For example, to increase agility in the event of regional shutdowns, a leading manufacturing  company has already started to develop new local digital fabrication/3D Printing in partnership with logistic provider.To win in the next-normal environment, companies will need to achieve this step-change in resilience without unsustainable increases in their costs.Digital approaches can transform customer experience and significantly boost enterprise value when applied end to end by moving from logistics to manufacturing-as-a-Service. This will be the future of logistics and supply chains.


Target Audience: Management, Product Development, Business Development, Manufacturing Logistics of producing companies of all sizes and manager of logistics companies.

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