Encounter on financial innovation

14 Diciembre
Correos y CryptoInvest

A new groundbreaking event on the area of financial innovation will be held on December 14 at CorreosLabs.

This time it is being organized by Correos and CryptoInvest and some renowned guests will be taking part in it, like Adrián Bernabéu, David Alija and Félix Fuertes (from CryptoInvest), Juan Haro (from Unimining), Jori Armbruster and Raúl Martínez (EthicHub), and Íñigo Molero.

A variety of topics related to investment and the new digital realities will be dealt with at the encounter, such as the bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Issues having to do to ICO formats and alternative financial ecosystems – like crowdlending, which allows for easier access to funding at more affordable costs and high profitability for investors — will also be dealt with.

If you wish to know more about these topics of great interest in today’s market from outstanding professionals, you’ve got an appointment at CorreosLabs. Get ready to know more about cryptography, unidirectional algorithms, prime number factorization, Merkle trees, P2P technology, etc.

See you there!