E02 meetMITOS. Assimilating the trip.

19 Septiembre
18:00h - 19:45h
Grupo QáLAB

What will our organisations be like in 2025? One session down before the summer the meetMITOS project is a brave trip into a world where we can learn, explore and discover all about emerging organisations. It’s starting now, with a monthly activity schedule.

Do you remember what we saw in the last meetMITOS session on 26th June?

Don’t worry, neither do we! We are well aware that the long, hot summer has done the trick and has well and truly cleared our minds.

But its back, and we need to get back into it! We know that it’s not a simple project and that before taking action we need to make sure we all have a shared vision.

That’s why at this next meetMITOS event we are going to focus on understanding the project at hand, talking among ourselves about our proposals and objectives. This will help us to assimilate possible scopes and applications. We can share and resolve any doubts we may have, clearing up any confusion.

As you know, meetMITOS is a project that will be built on collaborative intelligence and at this next event we want that to be taking shape!

That’s it! We’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 19th September at CorreosLabs!

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