Conversations Emplatting Food Lab: The humanization of the gastronomic sector

26 Febrero
18:00h - 19:30h
Jorge Palao / Carmen Moreno, Alejandro Valero and Jesús India

A lot is changing in the world of cuisine, but we need to pay special attention to the human side of the industry and people management.

Another edition of Conversaciones is here, a round table event where, in the company of two experienced individuals from the industry and subject matter, we talk about the opportunities and trends in our sector.


On this occasion, humanization and people management within this difficult industry will be our topics. We’ll try to thresh out how the present and future trends of focusing more on the human aspects of the sector can lead to big debates and also big changes, all of which will eventually lead to further opportunities.


We will address topics such as the impact of digitalization and how it relates to our jobs, in addition to new sector strategies when hiring and managing employees, alternative means of finding employment and care models to look after individuals, plus much, much more.


To help take on these subjects and to discover how they are improving the everyday lives of other people within the food industry, we’ll be joined by:

Jorge Palao / Carmen Moreno – CEO and CMO of Cocopí, a disruptive new platform for food service professionals and freelancers.

Alejandro Valero – CEO of Buscoextra.com, the temporary work app for those in the catering industry.

Jesús India, CEO of Emplatamos Food Lab and catering project consultant, who will also be chairing the round table.

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