APIs 360: APIs as a business model

29 Septiembre
Marco Antonio Sanz (Cloudappi)

We present the 4th edition of our APIs 360 series meetups, “APIs as a business model” – ONLINE.

We will be addressing the following topics:

  • Understanding what an API is.
  • APIs as a product.
  • Using APIs to reduce time to market.
  • Discovering the world of Big Data and its relationship with APIs.
  • Discovering the world of Clouds and its relationship with APIs.
  • APIfication strategies and main tools (API Managers).

The course will be hosted by Marco Antonio Sanz, an internationally renowned API Evangelists, the first business analysist for BBVAApiMarket (a leading platform in the world of APIs) and the founder of CloudAPPi, one of the companies that has integrated the largest amount of APIs governance and with the most apigee experience in the world.

Organised by the APIAddicts Foundation, the largest APIs foundation in the world, with a presence in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Miami, and Peru.
Sponsored by CloudAPPi Perú.

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