Alternative Funding (Fellow Funders)

14 Noviembre
Óscar Vallés y Guillermo Azqueta

An event on alternative funding by the founding partners of Fellow Funders, Óscar Vallés and Guillermo Azqueta, will be held at the CorreosLabs auditorium on 14 November.

Our guests will present the funding models which have arisen as a result of the boom in new technologies and the demand for short-term funding needed by business initiatives today, especially startups, which have given rise to the development of new private funding sources, models and institutions that have nothing to do with banks.

Among other matters, issues concerning funding and its sources, the Spanish market’s situation as opposed to that of the United Kingdom, alternative funding and its evolution in Europe, a company or project’s life cycle, the types of crowdfunding, etc. will be discussed.

Fellow Funders is a collective investment platform which has two essential missions, namely: offering Spanish companies a source of alternative funding and offering investors projects with high growth potential. It has a team of company and asset valuation experts that analyzes each proposal and admits only the ones which pass certain risk filters and valuation models to the platform. All the above is carried out in a transparent and secure investment environment.

Join us and get to know more about new funding models.