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30 Octubre
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
A society and public sector in beta – Sandbox systems
Jordi Escruela - José Luis Zimmermann - Jorge Barrero - Agustín Baeza

Next Tuesday, 30 October, CorreosLabs will host an event in which we will talk about one of the most interesting trends in public innovation processes; the so-called sandbox systems, which allow the testing in the market, in a monitored way, of innovations and technologies establishing exceptions to regulations or administrative control.

29 Octubre
19:00h - 20:30h
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
Amazon IoT Case Study
Alex Asensio - Alberto Grande

This time, we would like to invite you to a new event that will take place in CorreosLabs next Monday, 29 October, in which we will talk about IoT, particularly about its application to an Amazon case study.

22 Octubre
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
Transforming logistics with blockchain
José Mínguez - Alberto Calle - Sara Esclapés

Do you want to know more about the blockchain technology? This is your opportunity thanks to this new event that will take place in CorreosLabs next Monday, 22 October.

16 Octubre
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
The Holy Grail for startups – How to distribute the shares fairly among founders
Enzo Zamora

We would like to invite you to a new event that will be held in CorreosLabs next Tuesday, 16 October, in which we will talk about the best way to organize and distribute the shares within a startup in a fair and balanced way.

10 Octubre
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
IA applied to the visible world: what machines can see
Ana Moreno - Miriam Herráez

We are pleased to invite you to a new event that will take place in CorreosLabs next Wednesday, 10 October, in which Ana Moreno (Account Manager Public Sector SAS) and Miriam Herráez (Expert in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence SAS) will talk to us about the application of AI to the visible world.

8 Octubre
CorreosLabs, Auditorio
TO BE AGILE, by Arie Van Bennekum
Arie Van Bennekum

We are really pleased to invite you to a new event that will take place next Monday, 8 October, in which we will have the honor of having Arie Van Bennekum in the facilities of CorreosLabs, who will offer us a master class speaking about Agile Project Management.

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